Windows Slideshow for Logitech G13, G15 & G19 Keyboards [Version 3.02 Update]

By way of a brief heads up for those of you who own a Logitech G13 or Logitech G15 gaming keyboard and/or for those of you looking to purchase the newly released Logitech G19 gaming keyboard - see: Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard Released [G19 Now Available from Dell] - as, thanks to a software updated from Logitech, both gaming keyboards now offer Windows Slideshow functionality.

The newly released software update from Logitech, which has been developed in collaboration with Microsoft - specifically version 3.02 - appears to have been released in accordance with user requests (according to Logitech’s blog) and, as well as working with the G13, G15 and G19 keyboard also brings Windows Slideshow capabilities to Logitech’s Z-10 speakers and the 3D Connexion SpacePilot PRO.

The version 3.02 software update is freely available to download now.
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