How Many Birds are there?

How many birds can you see in this picture below? Don't be fooled by the first impression, many people first see only 5 and think it's the final number. Actually, there are few more :)

Hidden Tiger Illusion

Rusty named this "The Hidden Tiger". Your task is to figure out why! When you find it-comment, just don't reveal the secret so other users can have time spotting it, too!

Coffee Illusion

Can you spot the face in this "Where's Waldo Illusion? Once you find the face in this coffee beans pile, every next time you look at this picture you will see it immediately.

Is Your Mind Corrupted?

What do you see in the picture below?

Scientific research showed that children can't recognize erotic scenes.

Instead they see 9 dolphins.

On the other hand, adult's mind is rather "corrupted" so adult person may have problems spotting 9 dolphins at first eye glaze.

If you have trouble spotting dolphins in the first 6 seconds, then your mind is heavily corrupted, and you are seriously obsessed with sex!

Something Wrong Here Illusion

Twenty-eight things are wrong in this picture below. Can you spot them all? Use comments to post your findings... I found only one, well didn't look that much, but seems pretty hard. My finding is that wind is blowing strangely here, since there is smoke coming out of the chimney and going right, while trees are bent left. Please help me with 27 other wrong things.

Mermaid Waterfall Optical Illusion

How many people can you count?

Absolut's 82 Bottles Contest

Try and spot as many Absolut Vodka bottles in the image below, there are supposed to be 82 hidden somewhere inside.