iPhone, 3G iPhone & iPod Touch Landscape TouchType Application by Michael Schneider

One of the many quibbles concerning the iPhone and the iPod Touch’s operating systems is the lack of a landscape facility in a host of key applications such as when composing emails but, thanks to Michael Schneider’s TouchType application – which is compatible with the iPhone, 3G iPhone and iPod Touch – wider, landscape orientated touch typing will, at long last, soon be possible.

Allowing you to compose text, such as when writing emails, whilst in landscape orientation (thus allowing a wider, more versatile and, frankly, decidedly more practical means of input), Michael Schneider’s TouchType application comes complete with mini QWERTY and numeric virtual keypads and a text entry window and, having composed your mail, its nice to know that it also features a ‘Send’ button which pulls up the mail application and automatically adds your text to the message body.

No word as yet concerning the exact date of availability, however, Michael Schneider’s TouchType application already has a page up on Apple’s iTunes Application Store (as linked below).

TouchType (iTunes AppStore) [via]

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