Nashville Hotel Celebrated for Its Toilets

The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville was the city's first million-dollar hotel when it opened in 1910. Today it is officially the nicest place to take a dump in America.

In addition to boasting famous guests including six presidents along with the likes of Bette Davis and Al Capone, the hotel's ground floor men's restroom recently topped a poll of the country's classiest crappers.

The luxurious lavatory boasts black-and-green glass-tiled walls, Art Deco fixtures and, we're going to presume, abundant, pillowy-soft toilet paper.

The thrones fit for a king are apparently a minor tourist attraction in Music City, with women even ignoring the bathroom's inferior female counterpart in favor of a sneak peak at the famed facilities. Which must make the Hermitage the only place in the entire world where the men's bathroom is nicer than the ladies'.

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